What are the Consequences of NOT Taking Action?

At this point, maybe you’re still a little unsure whether or not The Sleep Sense Program is right for you. That’s perfectly natural. After all, you’ll be making changes to your child’s sleep routine, and you want to be sure you’re doing the right thing!

The truth is that sleep is incredibly important for our children – no matter how old they are! Doctors agree that healthy sleep habits are just as important as a diet and exercise – and some argue it’s even MORE important.

Just to recap a few of those studies mentioned earlier:

  • Children who sleep longer have higher IQs. (Sleep Med. 2010 March 11)
  • Children who get at least 10.5 hours of sleep per night are significantly less likely to be obese. (Pediatrics. 2010 Feb 8)
  • Boys who sleep well are at a significantly lower risk for hyperactivity. (Pediatrics. 2009 November 1)
  • Children who sleep well score higher on all kinds of tests, including math and literacy. (SLEEP Abstract #0040 San Antonio, 2010.)
  • Babies who sleep well at night consistently perform better on tests designed to assess memory, emotional control, and organization. (Child Development. Nov/Dec 2010.)

In other words, both common sense AND the scientific community agree: Sleep is really, REALLY important for your child! If you DON’T give your child the necessary skills to sleep well, you’re putting them at a dramatically increased risk for the things that ALL parents want to avoid!

I’m not saying this to scare you… I’m just really passionate about how important sleep is for kids – and I think it’s our job as parents to give our children every advantage we can! And because The Sleep Sense™ Program is able to give your child these skills so quickly and easily, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to give it a try!

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